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The ADD Centre offers neurofeedback and biofeedback training in combination with strategies that assist the client to achieve success in the workplace or in adult education programs. The goal of the training is to help the client learn to become calm, focused and relaxed. This is done using a computer program that provides very fast feedback about what the brain and the body are doing. Neurofeedback training works by is actually attention span
by reading your EEG (brainwave patterns) and letting you know when you are in the zone of an optimal mental state. See the example Sailboat Race Training Screen below:


When a client is working on the sailboat race screen they will have a small eeg sensor on the top of their head and one on each ear to measure brainwave activity. The EEG sensor picks up brainwave patterns associated with being calm, focused and relaxed. On this screen the yellow boat is associated with inattention or daydreaming and will move if the client is NOT focused. The Green boat will move ahead when the client attains a state of calm alertness and the pink boat will move if the client begins to ruminate or feel anxious. The goal is for the client to get the Green boat to win the race.

At the bottom of the screen you can see a graph of the client’s breathing and heart rate. The client is doing heart rate variability training to achieve a maximum change in heart rate. This type of training helps with stress management.

Sessions also include coaching in strategies to help with stress management, organization, and/or study skills as needed.

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