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High School, College and University Students!

ADD to your academic and athletic skills!

Optimize YOUR Performance!

**University Students are often gifted and may wish to improve their performance.


Neurofeedback + Biofeedback + Metacognition

information about brainwaves using the EEG (electroencephalograph) allows regulation of different frequencies. The brings various aspects of mental functioning, including concentration, under self control.

self regulation of muscle tension, respiration, pulse, peripheral temperature and skin conduction leads to the attainment of a relaxed, yet alert and calm, mind/body state.


monitoring you own thinking process leads to efficient learning and improved organization.

Why it works:
every time we learn, we alter brain blood flow, chemistry, and connections. In neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback), the speed and efficiency of learning is aided by the fact that the feedback comes to the student faster than he/she can move to their next thought.

Comprehensive Approach:
the student's life style is considered including sleep, nutrition, exercise, organizational strategies and coping styles.

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