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Programs For Grade 1 to Secondary School:

At the ADD Centre and Biofeedback Institute of Toronto we offer customized neurofeedback and biofeedback training programs for children. Neurofeedback training allows the child to receive feedback about what is happening in their brain. They will have the opportunity to see what their brainwaves look like and learn to identify what it feels like to be focused. During the session the child will be playing a game where they get points and rewards if they achieve the target mental state. For example, if the child pays attention to the screen, the game will move and the child will get points. Here is an example of a bowling screen:


During this bowling screen the child has a small EEG sensor on the top of his/her head that is measuring brainwaves. When the child's brainwaves indicate that they are in the most optimal state for learning the ball will roll and the child will get points.

These games are tailored to each child's brainwave patterns and can target a variety of symptoms or aim for optimal performance.

At the ADD Centres in Mississauga and Toronto more than 85 children and adults are taking this training at any given time.  For ADHD, for example, the results of training are in line with those obtained at various centres in the United States and Europe: improved behaviour, increases in IQ scores, increases in scores on academic tests and a decreased need for continuation of stimulant medication.  By the end of training, most clients with ADHD no longer require drugs as their symptoms no longer warrant medication. ADHD clients who are on a stimulant medication when they begin training remain on their medication until the neurofeedback training takes effect. The only time we request that a person be off stimulant medication is for the first assessment interview.

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