The ADD Centre® & The Biofeedback Institute of Toronto®

The Assessment Process

Initial Assessment:
Initial Assessments are specific to the needs of the candidate. The assessments take about 3-4 hours and includes history taking, questionnaires, two computerized tests which measure attention span, response control, reaction time and variability, and a single channel electroencephalographic (EEG) profile. The EEG assessment is non-invasive, painless, and takes only a few minutes. The EEG is observed by the client and the results are discussed. A brief demonstration training session is carried out. Most clients only need the Initial Assessment to begin neurofeedback training. It must take place in the morning, and is preferably done without any stimulants. Accordingly, any substance with stimulating effect (such as caffeine or energy drinks) is better discontinued 5 days prior to testing. If you or your child are taking psychostimulants (such as Ritalin, Concerta, Dexadrine, or Adderall), testing can be done in the morning before the first daily dose intake.

Quantitative EEG (QEEG or 19-channel brain map) (only done as needed):
A second EEG assessment where required, is a very advanced, comprehensive 19 channel EEG + Evoked Potentials + Heart Rate Variability analysis. This is advisable in complex cases, such as people who have had concussions. This more detailed assessment allows examination of communication between different areas of the brain. Comparisons can be made to a normative database. Source localization can be done using mathematical analysis called LORETA; that is, one can take surface EEG and locate the area(s) deeper in the cortex that relate to a person's behaviour. This assessment is highly recommended for clients who have complex conditions, such as post-concussion symptoms. It is also used when we want to train not just surface sites but areas deeper in the cortex, such as areas related to depression. Online neurocognitive testing is carried out for adolescents and adults.

Psychoeducational Testing (only done as needed):
If and when needed for academic evaluation or support in school, psychoeducational assessment may be recommended. Intellectual assessments are completed using WISC-V (children) or WAIS-IV (adults) and Academic measures are testing using WRAT-4 / WIAT / Woodcock Johnson – IV.

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